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Topical cream treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

About Vitaros®


Vitaros® is a small drop of cream used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It combines two ingredients:


Alprostadil is the active ingredient. It’s been helping men get an erection for nearly two decades. But this is the first time it’s been available as a cream.

NexACT®-DDAIP is what makes Vitaros® different. It helps alprostadil pass through the skin at the tip of the penis and into the right areas to help you get an erection.

Vitaros® is the right treatment for the ED Unmet Needs

Alprostadil Topical cream for Erectile Dysfunction

You can listen the Vitaros Monte Carlo Interview audio guide to how Vitaros®  works here.

Using Vitaros®

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Vitaros® applicator

Vitaros® is applied using a prefilled applicator, which comes in a sealed foil pouch, and is for SINGLE USE only.
Erectile Dysfunction medicine

Vitaros® application

Applying Vitaros® is straightforward and takes just a few moments.

Why Vitaros®

Each ED treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages – you have probably already discussed these with your doctor.

Works where it’s needed

Vitaros® works only where you apply it – which is where you need it to, on the penis. This reduces the risk of side effects that may occur away from the penis (called systemic side effects).

Side effects with Vitaros® are generally mild, of short duration, and localised to the penis, but you should be aware of them.

How to get the most from your Vitaros® – FAQ

You should follow the instructions supplied with your medication.
NO. You must NOT insert the applicator into the tip of the penis. It should be held just above the opening of the penis so the cream can drop onto the tip.
As with all medication, side effects may occur. With Vitaros® these are often mild, short in duration and localised to the penis. They may include a burning sensation and aching in the penis or genitals, or a rash. In some cases, the partner may also feel discomfort or a burning sensation in the genital area.
No, Vitaros® offers no protection from sexually transmitted diseases. A latex condom is therefore recommended to protect you and your partner.
Try all four doses of Vitaros®. Not all medicines work for all people but please don’t give up hope. Talk to your GP about other treatment options that may be appropriate for you.
It is recommended that you inform your partner when using Vitaros® because, in some cases, partners have felt side effects in the genital area.
When having sexual intercourse with a female of child bearing potential a condom should be used. A condom is also recommended because the partner may also feel discomfort or burning sensation in the genital area when Vitaros® is used. Please note that Vitaros® has only been tested with latex condoms.
There is no specific information on how Vitaros might affect pregnant women or the foetus. A latex condom is therefore recommended if having sexual intercourse if your partner is pregnant.
In most cases Vitaros® starts to work in 5 to 30 minutes. In some men it may take a little longer.
You should find that you maintain an erection for about 1 hour. In some men this can be for up to 2 hours. After ejaculation, the erection should subside.
If the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should seek immediate medical attention. In the meantime, ice will reduce blood flow to the penis, so applying an ice pack (e.g. frozen peas) wrapped in a towel to the inner thigh may help. Do not apply ice for longer than 10 minutes on one thigh.
No. The applicator is single-use only. After you have applied Vitaros®, the applicator should be disposed of with your normal household waste.
You should not use Vitaros® more than 3 times a week and only once in every 24 hours.
Vitaros® should be stored in a refrigerator (2-8⁰C). However, unopened sachets can be stored below 25⁰C. for up to 3 days prior to use.
Yes. Although bear in mind that unopened sachets can only be stored out of the refrigerator and below 25⁰C for up to a total of 3 days prior to use.
Download Vitaros® Patient Information Leaflet

Topical alprostadil/DDAIP for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Topical cream, high viscosity
  • Prostaglandin E1, potent vasodilator
  • Significant efficacy, including difficult to treat populations
  • Hypertensive patients
  • Patients with cardiac issues
  • Patients on nitrates and alpha blockers
  • Prostatectomy patients
  • Sildenafil  failures
  • Side effects are generally mild, transient and topically related
  • Studied in over 3,300 patients
  • Offers first choice/ first line option in discussion of alternatives with ED patients


VITAROS® Provides Significant Value to Untreated Population

Ideal 1st Choice Option for Patients

  • Who want On Demand. fast action with minimal side effects
  • Who don’t want to worry about food effect
  • Who can’t or prefer not to take PDE5 Inhibitors
  • Who don’t respond satisfactorily to PDE5 inhibitors
  • Who have had a prostatectomy
  • Who have diabetes and prefer an onEdemand topical to lessen systemic exposure to a drug

Award Winner ESSM 2011

Impotent men treatment cream
VITAROS® Podium Presentation Named Best Clinical Presentation Award 2011 (Male Sexual Disorder) by the Scientific Committee of the Congress for the ESSM European Society of Sexual Medicine Meeting in Milan.
Efficacy and Safety of topical alprostadil Cream (Vitaros®) in hypertensive, diabetic and cardiac patients with male erectile dysfunction (ED).